Ashley Sims

I sewed good wishes and thought into my garments ...
The Process
Once you’ve discovered your perfect wedding dress design, we may help you to start your dream project. Please check out the four simple steps towards your dream dress.

1. Consultation

2. Fabric Cutting and Sewing

We start with a totally free, no obligation consultation at our premises. You’ll come to see us in our homes. At the consultation we’ll discuss your design ideas. You might have some idea of what you’d like for your dress, some photos or cuttings from magazines. We have plenty of images to go through should you need inspiration. We’ll also go through an array of fabrics, we’ll identify the best fabrics to fit your vision. In the end of the meeting, we will summarize all the ideas we have discussed and a summary will be provided.

A optional sketch of based on the finalised points is available at an extra charge of £30.

With all of this information, we provide you with a quote for your dream dress, an working agreement will also be signed if you are happy to go ahead.
The first sewing stage comes with the all-important fabric cutting stage. Getting each piece to work fluidly with the next is vital for a wedding gown and we do this with meticulous precision. Once the pieces of your dress and cut, an initial sew commences.
According to our experience, we work out that to provide a set of picture of progress is helpful, we will update you with picture of your dress when it is on a dummy, then you would be able to see how would it fit.

4. The collection or delivery

3. Fitting Service

To complete the dress, we finish by taking it up to the correct length, with meticulous precision, of course, and have your dress ready for you. We’ll then have it ready for you to come and try on for one last time, if you’d like to, and collect it!
You can see how your dress is progressing and step into it for the first time. the first fitting, you’ll need to wear the underwear you’ll be wearing on the big day, this is so that we can ensure the dress will truly fit you perfectly. It’s at this point where you’ll have the dress tweaked to be completely perfect.
Due to the bride might live with a bit distance to us, you might want to do your fitting at you local seamstress, so the fitting charge would be separated to the package quote. However, you are strongly advised to use our fitting service.